By Glory Szabo.
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With happiness comes great anxiety.

Hi friends,

I am sorry I have stopped writing. I guess I just got more humble about my writing abilities, working in the online publishing industry now… there are so many fantastic writers that I get to work alongside on a daily basis and it made me feel like I am not one of them. Like my thoughts were mundane and not witty enough in comparison. I feel like… why should I write if there’s so much good content out there? Should I really take up space and pages and pages and megabites of information when someone could read about politics and history and you won’t believe what happened after this guy got off the bus on his way to work?

On the other hand, when I read really shitty opinion pieces on Thought Catalog or VICE, which are the holy grail for me to be published on… I just think, holy fuck, what if I am one of these people who just won’t shut the fuck up and will continue talking no matter what. Who gives a shit about Solange and Jay Z, seriously? Is that entertainment or food for thought? I am never going to get involved in celebrity gossip or “guilty pleasures.”

Seems like I over-think everything. It has given me a major writer’s block but I am going to make an effort and start blogging every day again. I think that’s good advice for every writer who struggles with the same thing and I want to be constructive.

Anyway. I would love to hear your thoughts. And I want you to know that I appreciate you sticking with me as I fumble over my words. It always gets easier when you do what you’re afraid to do.

Give me a sign. Give me a comment.

Hello there, lovely followers. May I ask how did you find my blog on the vast plain of the world wide web?

Is anyone still online? Heart this so I know.

I live in the UK now but most of my followers are still in the USA. Miss you babies :’(

Death is not an option when you are in love. For the rest of humanity, not you or me, I am not entertaining enough. But if I could crucify myself for other people’s peace of mind, I would, just as if that made a metaphysical difference in their lives. Yeah right, but that’s why you love me as if I was for real alive.